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Alba Flamenca - Dedicated to flamenco!


Fringe Shows 2015
Alba Flamenca - Fringe 2015   India Flamenco - Fringe 2015
BBC Logo Listen to AlbaFlamenca on BBC Radio 2
on the Anneka Rice Edinburgh Festival Show, Fri 14/08/2015 (Min 43:00-50:00)

***** Inviting and Inspiring (All Edinburgh Theatre review, Aug 2015)
***** "an authentic Flamenco experience" (TVBomb review Aug 2015)

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Belen Maya Intensive Flamenco course 
August 20 & 21, 2015


News! Summer Workshops in July and August - including Belen Maya!

At the heart of Alba Flamenca is the desire to make flamenco accessible to all. So naturally we offer a wide range of classes from complete beginner to advanced performers. We even have classes for kids - they love it!
Not only that, we hold regular Flamenco Noches, where you can enjoy some good quality food as you enjoy a good quality flamenco show.
Above all, we want you to participate...and many of our students look forward to the annual end-of-year show in a big theatre where they get the opportunity to perform the dance they have been learning.

WARNING! Learning to dance flamenco can be a life-changing event!




Contact us: Alba Flamenca, 74 East Crosscauseway, Edinburgh, EH8 9HQ
Enquiries: 0754 033 5270
Email: info@albaflamenca.co.uk